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About Spine & Neurotrauma Center

On a mission to provide Las Vegas the most appropriate & effective care.

NerveAt Spine and Neurotrauma Center in Las Vegas, NV, we strive to provide the highest standard of EMG neurology care for people with pinched nerves, spine pain and other nerve-related pain. Devoted entirely to EMG neurology testing and backed with Dr. Russell J. Shah’s specialized EMG/neurodiagnostic training and experience, our goal is to provide the precision testing, accurate diagnosis and unbiased guidance and support you need to get relief.

At Spine and Neurotrauma Center, we focus solely on EMG testing to ensure you get the focused, unbiased and effective care you need. Determining whether surgery is or isn’t needed — objectively — can be tricky, subtle. For that, you need a skilled EMG neurologist who can accurately interpret the test... and its subtleties. Given the subtleties in your EMG test results, which treatments are best? What are the pros and cons of each? And, most importantly, what is your informed decision?

For Dr. Shah, helping you get the care and treatment that are most appropriate and effective for you means ensuring that you are fully informed, get fast, excellent care and have complete, unbiased options and treatment recommendations.